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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Bling 2010

I just love March Break! I spent the afternoon yesterday listening to some classic rock and creating some cool new necklaces for Ella Lynns ( a very cool ladies wear store in our city) I really enjoyed playing with my beads again and came up with some awesome new chunky chokers and long \ medium necklaces on silver, gold and leather. Blues are very popular this summer in the fashion world so I did a few more blues than I had originally planned and glad I did. They are very pretty and will look awesome with almost anything you wear this summer.

Well I'm happy to say that the wheels are turning, beads are arriving and I have more designs spinning in this head of mine so stayed tuned my lovelies!


Pease Porridge said...

Is your Milo named after the movie "Milo and Otis"? That is one of our favorite movies! I don't know how they made that! Such a cute kitty pic. Your art book is awesome and I love the color of cancer bracelet. I have never seen one like that.


Lisa ( nickname "L" ) said...

Yes he is! We have another kitty Roxy and she is such a princess and spoiled rotten lol. Thanks for your comments!

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