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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Heart The Art Prompts 2010 Week # 9- "Indecision"

The Clash said it best, " This indecision is bugging me!" Lord do I know the feeling! I've been working on ideas for my web site for well over 2 years now , a great guy to do it for me, I've even been paying for 3 years for a domain....BUT do I have it up and running?? Of course not! What on earth is going on in this head of mine? Well being a self proclaimed perfectionist teetering on the edge of O.C.D....I think I'm afraid it just won't be good enough and people will not place any orders. I mean let's face it, there are thousands of jewelry and art sites ( I've been researching for years so believe me I know the competion) and I am seriously afraid of failing. Can someone please give me push so I can get going on this. I know if Idon't take the risk I might miss out on realizing my dreams and I read lot's of books that help me with my self doubt and believing in myself..blah, blah, blah... and yet here I sit dreaming , planning , and making web site lay outs that may never come to pass. Does anyone else feel this way? I guess I really need to get over this feeling of possible rejection and just go for it. Maybe I could be Nike's newest spokesperson (I hear they may need one!) and JUST DO IT! Any words of encouragement? I need all I can get!


Joella said...

Lisa, if anyone can make a go of it it's you! You say you're afraid of failing and you're worried nothing will sell...well if you don't go for it you've already failed and nothing WILL sell! What's the worst that can happen? You're a very talented take that leap of faith and go for it:) xoxoxo

Joella said...
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