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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Counting Sheep.... not working for me!

a happy pug (james brown)
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Another sleepless night . Don't ya hate it when you can't sleep?? My problem is I start to think about things, that are completely out of my control , try to figure out ways to solve these conundrums and then when I can't it sends me into panic mode .... Big Sigh! I swear I worry about things that could happen next year! REALLY LISA?? I know it makes no sense, I know it's silly , but I cannot reason with my brain at a time it should be shut down and resting. I wish I could be like James Brown the happy , i'm tired and going to go to sleep with no worries, flipp'n adorable little pug. Maybe my next life.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Penelope The Studio Bunny

Penelope The Studio Bunny
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I've been worried about my Penelope during this deep freeze we've been having, but besides a mess of straw and her munching on some old books , the studio is fine and more importantly, so is she. Whew!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Neck Candy!

Beautiful silver and red necklace to match a bracelet a customer bought from me at Christmas.

Funky meets bling meets sparkle.  This one is for you Lisa!  Thanks for the order!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Heart The Art Prompts 2010 Week # 46 "History"

I'm a big fan of history.  World, American, European, Canadian..... but when the prompt for week 46 was "history"  the only one I really wanted to paint was , history.  Specifically Canadian art and the Group of Seven.  I've been intrigued with them since I was a kid and first read their story and saw their beautiful paintings .  How exciting , I thought, to give up a job ( Grapic Designing ) and travel around Canada painting!!  Algoma, Georgian Bay, The Laurentiens, Lake Superiou, Canadian Rockies, The Maritimes, Lower St Laurence, The Arctic and here.... Northern Ontario!   One of my favourite paintings is  

Spruce and Maple, Algoma, 1919 by  J.E.H. MacDonald.  When  I look at this piece of artwork I am reminded of my childhood playgrounds in Nova Scotia and Ontario.   Trees were my play houses, rocks and streams my friends.  I built forts in the snow , near large pines and birch trees.  Scraped primative pictures into large moss covered boulders with pieces of shale.  Such fun being a kid with the Canadian landscape all around me.   Oh how I miss it!   It's a great feeling to have had these experiences and know that somewhere in the Canadian wilderness a great group of painters were capturing a piece of my childhood on canvas and getting recognition for their betrayal of a landscape that was considered at one point to be " too rough "  Just imagine that.  Well I am very grateful to those magnificent Group of Seven , Lauren S. Harris, Franklin Carmichael, Alexander Y. Jackson,  Frank Harrison, J.E.H.  MacDonald, Fredrick H. Varley and Arthur Lismer for making the "unpaintable" pine tree , a work of art.

Page one
Page two

Entire Spread

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Leather Choker With Homemade Clay Beads

Double Leather Strand With Homemade Clay Beads and Pendant

Long Necklace with Rhinestone and Crystal Cluster

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Inspiration Studio Feature

  I was pretty excited when I got this message on my Flickr page the other day and thought I would share it.  I love it when I can inspire others.  Thanks again Kim for choosing my painting for your daily inspiration on your wonderful blog.

so very pretty Lisa... just so inspired!! :)
i choose it as the daily inspired pic at the iStudio. Thank you for sharing it in the group.
xxo, kim o-shower-gif...

Thursday, January 13, 2011


My creation
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I don't need chocolates stuffed into a large, over priced, heart shaped box or flowers sitting on my table to know that Mark Schmidt loves me. I much rather enjoy quiet moments alone talking , laughing, remembering.... Time is the best gift you can give to someone so make it a priority. Love happens everyday, not just on Valentines Day . At least that's the way I see it. xox

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Baby Love xox

  Today was the baby shower for Bambino Nerino  , a gorgeous baby boy belonging to my friends and co workers Christie and Michael Nerino.  This little guy is so adorable and beautiful I just can't stop looking at him when I'm around him!  I wasn't very good at sharing him with others at the shower either....sorry!    I'm such a baby hog!
  Anyway!   I really wanted to make something special for him and his parents and decided last night at around 8 pm what I needed to do.   When I create a painting or piece of jewelry for someone I love adding a personal detail that makes it a true original , something they will never get anywhere else.  I remembered that Christie had always called Michael her " little bird" when she spoke about him and so I decided those words would be main theme of the painting .  Once I decided the theme, the rest just poured out of me and it all came together. Here is the painting I created especially for baby Michael and  I know with his parents love, he will grow wings to fly like the little bird he is.  xo


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Another Crazy Dream....

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I had a bad dream the other night about Milo ( the orange cat ) I dreamt that he had to go to the vet and was diagnosed with cancer. The horrible part of the dream was that my vet told me it would cost ....are you ready for this? $18,000.00. How on earth did my brain come up with this number??? I still have a huge vet bill to pay off for my dog!
My dreams sometimes keep me awake because they are so vivid and disturbing . I wake up exhausted from the stress of them. I often wonder why they are so vivid, why I can remember every single one when so many people say they don't dream, or don't remember them. It's interesting isn't it?? Anyway I was so happy to wake up from this one and realize my little buddy was sleeping beside me cancer free. Isn't he cute?? Oh you are too Roxy.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Heart The Art Prompts 2010 Week #45 " Pull"

   Well after the last prompt you are probably thinking, "she's going to pull her hair out!"  No that's not going to happen. I've cooled off....slightly! However  I must admit  the last prompt did come easier and  I was totally stuck for anything personal or witty to do for #45.  I decided to just start painting and see where the pages would take me.  After staring hopelessly at the blank pages I began to see images pop out from behind the background colour.  I decided I would just "pull" whatever images I saw from the pages and have a little fun.  The result was a whimsical page that was spontaneous and reminded me of my childhood when my dad would take my scribbles and turn them into magical pictures.  Oh the good ole days when there were no electronics or countless hockey games to take our men away!

Heart The Art Prompts 2010 Week #44 "Small Things"

  Well I guess I was feeling unappreciated when I created this page about "small things" as you can tell by the writing!  Yes I do go through this every so often as most females do , feeling neglected, ignored..... taken for granted... well you get the picture. I could chalk it up to hormones ( they play a small role....   ) but the biggest culprits are the t.v ( hockey season)  AND the lap top ( games, hockey sites, music sites..... )  It drives me crazy!!  This page is pretty tame considering the mood I was in when I created it !  My advice to all you men out there?  PAY ATTENTION!!  Put the electronics away for awhile and have a conversation....share a coffee together , go for a walk, or a lunch date.  It's free advice and trust me , you won't be sorry  :)    Hey this prompt could've gotten really ugly.... he's lucky!  lol

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Rock That Jewelry!!

These were a couple pieces commissioned for a couple of musicians.  "D" is a funky bass player and "J" is his girlfriend who is also a fabulous singer.  The neck candy is for "D" and the wraparound leather bracelet (below) is for "J"  Both pieces are created with my handmade clay beads, and soft durable leather.  I think they rock! 
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