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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Heart The Art Prompts Week #17 "Thoughts"

I am trying to keep up with my art journal on a weekly basis however I am so busy I find that I am 5 weeks behind! Yikes! I should be on Week # 22 HOWEVER.... I have only recently completed Week 17 which prompt was "Thoughts "

Pretty And Funky...

love. love. love. love.
romantic and pretty
Michaela's necklace with Swarofski crystal heart
pretty and petite with irredescent crystal
Real peacock feathers add glam to this pretty number
Close up of irredescent crystal
This is the necklace that Michaela will be wearing to accent her prom dress.
glass pendant touch of colour in the beads, pure fun
I love this one. The crystal is from an antique chandelier
so romantic......
With the recent announcement from my lovely, and often forgetful daughter, that she is going to her boyfriends graduation in 3 weeks..... I decided I better start creating some jewelry for other last minute grad dates. We found the most beautiful flattering dress ( and shoes) for Michaela at a new little boutique in town Suzannes Boutique all within 30 mins of finding out she was going! Power shopping at it's best! Anyhoo....I then realized she needed a pretty little necklace to go with it and thus all of these pretties came from it. Sometimes a stressful situation can turn into a good thing! I just hope she gives me more notice next time !!

Casual Cuties!

Thought I'd spend some time in my cabin/ studio yesterday and make some necklaces for a couple local stores. These pieces are for casual wear but with the right summer outfit can be the hit of the party! I love it when that happens!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bling Bling....

Thunder and lightning very very frightning!!! So I went out into the studio and played with my beads! Yes we had a thunder storm that lasted all day and night and there is nothing else to do on a day like that now is there? So I made a few pieces, and there are some more to be pictured later so stayed tuned. :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Heart The Art Prompts 2010 Week # 16 - "Ephemera"

Week 15 is all about any ephemera we have laying around. WELL! I have tonnes so it was really hard trying to figure out what to do. I put on my layer of gesso, painted a layer of raw sienna on it, then for kicks and giggles glued down an old McCalls dress pattern to it. I love the vintage aged look and since it was a dress pattern I thought I'd stick with the fashion theme and use up a few of my clothing tag collection on it. I'm quite happy with it and loved how it all came together. Sometimes things just work better when you don't have a plan and just play.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sweet Sixteen

Wow! My little girl is sixteen years old today. It seems like yesterday she was holding my hand and asking me to push her higher on the swings. Why does the time have to go by and our babies have to grow up so quickly? I loved all those little girl giggles and cute little pig tails. Even when she was upset with me she was still so cute! After having 2 boys she was a beautiful surprise for her father and I and has been a blessing ever since. Michaela you have blossomed into a beautiful young girl with a big heart and creative talents galore. We love you so much, please don't ever change. xoxoxoxox

Jewelry For Dragons Den

Hello Dragons my name is Lisa I am from Dryden and I am terrified! lol
Getting hair and make-up done I felt so important! What a blast omg I was so nervous!

The producers going over a few things with us, where to stand etc. during the shooting of the show.

These are the stairs we had to walk down and It was so surreal when we actually heard the countdown and told to go! My legs were shaking, heart was pounding....

Here are the chairs the Dragons will be sitting in! It was so exciting and such an amazing experience! Can't wait until it is aired! We'll know a week before when all the editing is completed.

On our recent trip to The Dragons Den to pitch we presented them with tree seed kits and I created these tags to go on top of each kit. The top clay piece is their first initial and the bottom one is a Dragon. Wish I had a picture of the kits they were beautiful.

Some good luck necklaces I made for the trip with our initials, clay dragons , bloodstone and citrine semi precious stones.

If you've never heard of the Dragons Den, check out this site and it will give you an idea. Investors listen to you pitch your business and then decide if they want to invest in your company. Check out their website at for all the info and be sure to check out the Dragons themselves.

Finally these are the necklaces I made for us to wear for the taping of the show. We all wore black then Margot had a green shirt, Merrill had a blue one and I wore fushia.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Heart The Art Prompts Week # 15 "Searching"

It's a hard thing sometimes, to just be yourself, but in the long run it is the most important thing you will ever do. We're all guilty of wanting to be someone else, dress like someone else, have the same talents as someone else, same bodies, brains, legs..... it just goes on and on. However I feel that with age and maturity you realize that who you are is someone pretty amazing and special because you are YOU! So what if I can't sing or don't drive the best car. Do I really need longer legs or a thinner body? I have finally discovered this girl who is funny, has original creative ideas, positive attitude, great hair (thanks Sandi!) short legs (thanks mom!)and a pretty great smile. It's time to embrace my individuality and be grateful that I am who I am , big feet and all :)
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