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Saturday, March 27, 2010

New Beads!!

It's so cool working in a school with globetrotting co-workers!! Some people may get jealous and wish it was them going to the exotic islands and other destinations....wishing it was them slathering on the sun tan lotion or sun block .... imagining it was them drinking fruity drinks with chunks of fruit and umbrellas in fish bowl sized glasses watching the sunset on a warm beach with their hunky man . Yes I can see how some would be jealous and dust off the voo-doo dolls, but not me. No way Jose! I wish them well slip them a shopping list and take advantage!!
One of my friends went to Cuba and brought back some very cool beads for me to play with and all I need to do in exchange is make her a cool necklace with some of them. What a great deal! My other friend went to Vancouver, British Columbia and stopped at a quaint little bead shop on Granville Island called beadworks and brought home some wonderful homemade glass beads for me. Check out my photos and then check out the shop! Thanks ladies for bringing me back such great treasures and maybe next time I can sip a fruitty drink, get a sunburn and check out some shops too! xoxox

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