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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Heart The Art Prompts Week # 10 " Keep Going"

Thinking spring and all the green colours that are to come influenced this piece along with the anticipation of warm sunshine and pretty scented flowers. The prompt is " keep going " and I know all of us can relate to this one. Some days are easier than others and I tell myself whether it is a huge bill, doubt in myself, my depression, or other little things that feel huge at the time...."you must keep must not give up...things will get better" And chances are things will get better and mind over matter is so important in today's crazy world.
As with all my art journal entries this one started with a slathering of gesso , some under painting, collage images and some dyed coffee filters that I kept from a St. Patricks Day craft at school. The 5 year olds aren't the only ones that had fun that day! Some glue, markers and paint and voila! My masterpiece is complete! I hope the warm weather inspires more creativity for me because I now have to start week 11 and make some more jewelry! Life is a journey and I intend to live it to the max and Keep Going. I hope you will too! XOXOXO


Diane said...

Love the journal entry and the message!

Joella said...

Loooove this! Way to go...keep on living your dreams:) xo

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