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Monday, April 4, 2011

Love Letter To Nanny

  It's been a busy week for my family and I as we got ready to say a final farewell to my Nanny Notte.  I was asked by my Aunts to say a few words at the prayer service and so this is my tribute to my Nanny.

  When I was asked to say a few words about Nanny I was very honoured and a little overwhelmed.  How do I put into words my love and appreciation for this woman who has had such a strong influence on my life?  A woman who is strong, caring, devoted to her family and a beautiful human being.  I wanted my words to come from the heart and so I decided that every beautiful woman deserves a love letter and here is mine to you Nanny.

  Dearest Nanny,
  As I am writing this letter to you, I am reminded of so many tender moments.  Moments that make me smile, cry, and so many that make me laugh out loud.  These moments are so dear to me and I will always treasure them.  Throughout my life you've been a constant source of inspiration.  Your life from an early age was difficult and you've always had to work so hard.  Your entire life was spent working and you rarely complained.  I remember even after a hard days work the door to your home,kitchen, and your generous heart were always open to anyone who needed you.  Nothing made you happier then sitting around the kitchen table with your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and friends, sharing stories,laughs and food.  Oh the food!  There was always so much food.  These are great moments and they are remembered because of you.  No matter where I go somebody always asks, " How is your grandmother?  She is such a wonderful lady"  Or they smile and share a story about you and the generosity you bestowed upon them.  A small act of kindness that meant so much to so many.
  One of my childhood friends said to me, " I remember going over to your apartment to play and your grandma grabbed me, hugged and kissed me!  She didn't even know who I was!"
  Did you even know how truly loved you were Nanny?  How much we all admired and adored you?  Even when you were your feistiest-and oh yes you could be feisty! Even then you were down right adorable.  These are the moments I laugh out loud and say, " Oh Nanny, I want to be just like you when I grow up"
  A Grandmother is an invaluable gift.  Shes a role model, and endless source of love and an essential part of her Grandchildrens lives.   You've filled your role perfectly.  Chris, Mikie, Jodee , Jana and I have been blessed to have you in our lives.  We are proud, humbled and so grateful that God has given you to us.  Just as my Dad, Auntie Lisa, and Auntie Lucy are so honoured to have you as their mother.  They love you so much Nanny.
  Although our hearts are saddened to have to say goodbye we are so happy you are once again reunited with Papa, your one true love.  How loud heaven must be!
  It's time for me to go now Nanny and so in closing I just want you to know how special it was for me to tell you one one last time that I loved you and how my heart smiled when you squeezed my hand and said you loved me too.
  Thank you Nanny for loving us all so much.  I will love you always, Ciao Bella.
Little Lisa xox


Joella said...

This is such a beautiful tribute to Nanny. When you read this the other night it was filled with such love and admiration. I believe in my heart Nanny was there listening, beaming with pride and in awe of her beautiful little Lisa. xoxoxo

Lisa ( nickname "L" ) said...

aww Joella thank you so much xox It was so hard to talk in front of everyone but I'm so glad I did. xox

sheril benedict said...

wow a great respect to Nanny !!Loved this post !!

cooking-varieties said...

hi Lisa, my condolence to you (belated)...someone so dear to your life will always be remembered with love... i have a great gran too and i love her very much and have never forgotten her until today,,, nice blog you have

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa:
I think it's so important to have such a strong influence when growing up. Reading your post vividly reminded me of my maternal grandparents. I spent so much time w/my grandparents growing up. Like you, I had a friend who spent lot's of time at my grandparents house and they were almost as happy to spend time w/him as w/me.

Such a beautiful, remembrance, Lisa!
Good stuff.

Be Happy! Be Well! Be Positive!
Blessings to you.

Rimly said...

What a lovely tribute to your nanny. you were indeed lucky to have someone like her in your life.

Lisa ( nickname "L" ) said...

Thank you all very much, she really was a wonderful Nanny to me

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