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Monday, April 21, 2008


Some fun collage to work out the kinks and play with some words, colour, and texture. Hope you like!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Brendan Turns 20 April 19 2008!!

I cannot believe that my son is 20! Was'nt I just 20 ?? Brendan is a great kid, I mean MAN (OMG!) and we are very proud of him. Today he is going with his Dad to check out a car that he is in love with and of course if you know Brendan, it will be a vehicle that needs to be worked on and brought back to life. Ever since Brendan could talk it was about cars, bikes, snowmachines, parts, motors, rims, etc. There is no way I should know what a Mikuni carb is yet I do! It just seems like yesterday I was holding his little hand and going for walks with him. These walks often yielded old rusty nuts and bolts (not my idea of a nature walk!) but that is what he loved to collect. Brendan and I would scour garage sales together and bring home treasures only a kid like him would appreciate and still does. Now as he enters this stage in his life I wish him every happiness and lots of love. Of all the treasures we discovered over the years together, I hope he realizes he is definately my most prized and loved. Happy Birthday Brendan!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

jewelry pile!

jewelry pile!
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Don't you just love summer and all it's promises and possibilities?

Friday, April 11, 2008


Just a quick little doodle while I wait for spring! Don't ya just love Emily Dickenson!

The Interview

Okay, so there I am turning the pages of a "Vanity Fair" magazine ...( it had a picture of Johnny Depp on the cover..) and I come to this interview. I read it over and thought to myself, "How would I answer these questions if I was being interviewed?" So, I interviewed myself!

I cut out the same questions from the printed interview and randomly pasted them onto a quick sketch that I did in my art journal and proceeded to answer them as truthfully as I could. The result was'nt all that surprising as I feel I know myself pretty well, but I did learn that I'm not too sure about how I define "honesty". This is a word that I use quite frequently to describe a trait that I look for in others but then when asked what virtue I feel is over-rated I say "honesty" This kinda confused me and left me wondering what I mean when I say I want a friend and husband who is honest. Do I really?? I always thought the answer was yes and now I'm not so sure. Damn Interview, now I'm all confused! I do know however that if I feel like Ka-Ka, I'm crabby and I can't fit into my fat clothes all I want to hear from my friends and hubby is how wonderful I look and asked if I'd recently been working out at the gym! Alas! Sometimes there just is'nt anything wrong with a good old fashioned little white lie!

Feeling Blue

I obviously wasn't in my"happy place" when I created this page! BUT..It was therapeutic and therefore necessary. I can't be smiley Lisa all the time now people! I'm happy to say that as quickly as I fell, I am now on top again and feeling better. "Think Positive !" This little expression gets me through all kinds of rough patches because there is always something to be grateful for when I really think about it. I guess the reason I often paint the thinkgs others find ordinary or ugly (dandylions, frost bitten ivy...) is I can see the beauty in it when I look hard enough. That is how I see my life, sometimes it can get ugly, stressful and depressing but there is also so much beauty and love that I have been blessed with. I just have to stop and remind myself every once and awhile!

Birthday Collage

Yahoo! I'm up and running again! Finally had someone out to our little part of the world to fix the internet problem. It seems that a BIG pile of snow fell from the roof and knocked the dish a bit off course. I was'nt too upset about the down time, the kids actually went outside and I had a conversation with my hubby!! Amazing. Any whooo, here is one project I recently finished and when I get some batteries for my camera I will add the others! Hope you like this one I had alot of fun with it!
This piece of artwork is a collage on stretched canvas and was a custom order for a special girl for her 14th birthday. I love making personal keepsakes for people it is something that they can treasure forever and it is something you won't find in a store. Stephanie is a family friend and has gone to school with Michaela since they were 4 so I know everything about her and asked her parents for photos that show her personality well. Turns out Steph loved it and is proudly displaying it in her newly painted, funky bedroom!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Technical Difficulties

Okay, so I haven't written or posted in a few days and I apologize to my frequent visitors. I'm having some internet problems and it will be taken care of this week some time. I check my blog when I'm at work (on my break of course.....) but I can't upload any pictures until I have my computer working. I have been painting in my art journal and of course making my summer jewelry so I'm trying to stay creative and inspired even though the weather is gloomy and depressing. Stay positive, think green and sunny!! Pretty soon the yard sales will be starting up and I can start my quest for more little treasures. I can't wait to head out with my coffee in hand and my 2 favourite side kicks by my side. Val and Barb!!! We have so much fun it's disgusting! Well I guess my break is almost over (wink, wink!) and I have to go! Till I get the kinks worked out I hope everyone stays creative and happy!
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