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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Winter Blues

Today was not a snow day. It was cold -30 with the wind, and some snow that was blown around from last nights storm. I woke up an hour later than usual and proceeded to wake up sleepy teenagers who were very unwilling .

My mom called me to annouce, "No bus cancelations but drive with caution" So my groggy teens and I climbed into my Tracker and crawled up the snowy driveway. So good.

Now I'm stuck.

At the top of my driveway I hit a big snow drift POOF! I look down our road as far as I could see and it didn't look any better. Well I have no choice now but to wake up my oldest son who is sleeping in on his day off. (What exactly is a day off??) I'm not looking forward to this , but he's my #1 guy when dad's working out of town.

Brendan gets out of bed annoyed that I got stuck, but more annoyed that I may be staying home then he'd have more work to do! We got into his dad's truck, went up the long driveway and started to evaluate the situation. Brendan knows what to do and gets everything ready for a tow. I get in the tracker aka "Christine" and we get it unstuck. Yahoo!

The ropes are untied and now I start to move the vehicle so I can head down the driveway when it just stops running..... What now?? We try and try but it won't start and we detect a burning smell. Great.

And so it stays, in the snow at the top of our driveway unable to move while I come back into the warm house and open up a fresh blank page in my art journal to document and get rid of my stressful morning!

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