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Monday, May 17, 2010

Jewelry For Dragons Den

Hello Dragons my name is Lisa I am from Dryden and I am terrified! lol
Getting hair and make-up done I felt so important! What a blast omg I was so nervous!

The producers going over a few things with us, where to stand etc. during the shooting of the show.

These are the stairs we had to walk down and It was so surreal when we actually heard the countdown and told to go! My legs were shaking, heart was pounding....

Here are the chairs the Dragons will be sitting in! It was so exciting and such an amazing experience! Can't wait until it is aired! We'll know a week before when all the editing is completed.

On our recent trip to The Dragons Den to pitch we presented them with tree seed kits and I created these tags to go on top of each kit. The top clay piece is their first initial and the bottom one is a Dragon. Wish I had a picture of the kits they were beautiful.

Some good luck necklaces I made for the trip with our initials, clay dragons , bloodstone and citrine semi precious stones.

If you've never heard of the Dragons Den, check out this site and it will give you an idea. Investors listen to you pitch your business and then decide if they want to invest in your company. Check out their website at for all the info and be sure to check out the Dragons themselves.

Finally these are the necklaces I made for us to wear for the taping of the show. We all wore black then Margot had a green shirt, Merrill had a blue one and I wore fushia.


Big Al said...

Cool update Lisa. Thanks for sharing. :~)

Drew Hunt said...

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