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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pretty Please.....

3 strand necklace with semi precious stones and glass beads.

3 strand bracelet ( to match necklace above and below )  semi precious stones and glass beads

Silver metal linked necklace with semi precious stones and glass beads

3 strand bracelet with semi precious stones, homemade clay beads, word charms and homemade clay charms.  Very earthy and beautiful.

Close up!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Do These Glasses Make Me Look Smarter??

  Why is it that whenever I have something I need to get finished a.s.a.p... I find so many other important things to do.... like dye my hair, put on my daughter's glasses and take multiple photos of myself.... you know , IMPORTANT stuff.  (( BIG SIGH!))
    I have to paint this chair for a truly wonderful organization here in town  Grace Haven.  This chair will be raffled off along with others .painted by local artists to raise money for Grace Haven and it is really an honour that I have been asked once again to create one for this fundraiser.   Problem is...I have this crazy creative block happening and I have been putting it off everyday!
   I know what will probably happen is I'll go out to the studio and start painting whatever comes to mind, no planning, no stress, no worries about what other artists are creating.... it is really the only way I can do this.  So I guess since I've already dyed my hair and the memory card is full of self portraits I really should get my butt out there and throw on the paint right??  Yeah I guess I will..... right after I bath the dog.

This is me before the dye job....
and after ...

and I'm still stalling....

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Double strand turquoise , semi precious stone and silver embellishments 
5 Strands of yummy colours and textures. Shell,glass and stone beads.

5 Strands of stone, shell, glass, and loveliness

Double leather with pottery and wooden beads.  Homemade clay closure.  Earthy Delight.

Leather and Glass.  What a cute couple xo

Leather adorned with pottery, shell, semi precious stone and homemade clay beads

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Seventeen Already??

Happy Birthday Dear Michaela.... Happy Birthday to you oxo

My Studio Is Published!

Well I can finally talk about another exciting moment for me as an artist !  Way back in January I had received the most amazing e-mail from the editor of one of my fave magazines 

Cloth Paper Scissors STUDIOS    Catherine Prato!  I almost fell off my chair !  I had responded to a question on the fan page which read, "Do you share your studio space with your daughter, or other family member?"  I answered that I shared my studio with my very creative daughter Michaela.  That was it.  Short . Sweet.  I never in a million years thought it would amount to this .  The e-mail suggested I send in some photos and a write up about my space and because it was in the middle of January and it was soooo snowy and cold.... I freaked out!   I called a good friend of mine Alan Woodworth to take the photos and sent in an old photo of my studio in summer.  I really wish I had more time or had better photos of my cabin in say.... JULY!!  But it was a decision I had to make and so I sent what we could in as quick as I could.  It was a good decision.  

When I got home from Toronto on Sunday , there it was.  Two Spring and Summer issues of my favourite magazine with a page all about my little studio.  I'm so excited about this and wanted to share this little nugget of happiness with you all.  Oh and the really great part about this..... I had a picture of this magazine on my vision board that I created last year !!  Cool or what??  Here are some photos of my spot in the magazine....eeek! 


Monday, May 9, 2011

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Here are some of my favourite posts made by my flicker contacts.

Special Mother's Day Gift

Custom order set

Silver metal linked necklace with Swarovski crystal hearts and glass beads show case the most important element of this piece..... the initials of Alex, Jacob, Gabrielle and Zach.

Silver metal linked bracelet with crystal and glass beads and "mom charm"

        A personal gift from the heart, to a special mom from her 4 children.  Happy Mother's Day Lynn!
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