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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The j.ks went crazy for this groovy bass play'n, colourful shoe wearing cat! They sing his songs , read his books... so it was only fitting that I become "Pete the Cat" for Halloween . Here is the book

And here is my costume! Hope you like it and hope you all have a super Halloween!! xox

" I love my red shoes... I love my red shoes! "

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Paper Mache Halloween Mask.... kinda

Well it's that time of year again where people are rushing frantically about to put the finishing touches on their Halloween costumes or worse yet.... trying to figure one out! Every year at work ( St. Joesph's School ) I scramble about trying to come up with a costume that is JK friendly. I LOVE the spooky scary ones, but alas I don't want to be responsible for years of therapy for a 4 year old. SO... I came up with this groovy character from a book that the kids absolutely went ga ga for. Of course if I started it back in September when I decided to do it, the mask would have been much bigger.... bobble head big!! However I waited until the last week to do it and I have to be satisfied with this not so bobble head mask. Here is the process and tomorrow I will post pics of the costume in it's entirety.

Your basic paper mache balloon! Used a paint brush to cover balloon with glue and newspaper strips. A few days of layering to make it strong and durable.

When it's all dry and you are happy with the amount of layers you can break the balloon and you are left with the shell of your mask.

Next I used some heavy gauge wire to form the ears and then attached them to the mask with Duct tape.

ok.... so I got carried away with the duct tape.... and no it's not batman!

I love gesso just as much as duct tape so I added a couple layers of it to the mask to give it some tooth for the paint to adhere to. Mmmmm paint...

A few coats of blue paint and next is the details! Which of course you will have to wait to see! MUUUAHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHA !

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