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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sketch Book Oldies....

Miss Michaela Ann Schmidt   xox
Sketched this from a photo I had taken of her while drying her off from a bath.  

Miss Michaela Ann Schmidt
sketched from a photo I took of her picking daisies xo

My Beautiful Niece Mia Cara xo
sketched from a photo taken by her Dad

Kyla and Laura  xo
A consignment piece sketched from a photo provided by their mother.  

Cameron Mark Schmidt xo
sketched from a photo I took of Cam after he built his own swing 

Consignment piece sketched from a photo provided by the family
   You've got your acrylics....your watercolours....your pastels in chalk and oil.... and you have your coloured pencils and crayons.   I love all of those mediums and have used them all over and over again, but I still think that using pencil or charcoal is the bones of any piece of art.  You need to learn to draw before you can paint.  Right??
   When I revisited  my old sketch books and looked over these sketches I drew in the '90's, I discovered that it's been waaayyyy to long since my last piece of art was done in pencil, and that I really miss the process.  The rough sketching, the blending, creating balance, colour, tone and value.... by just using one tool with various degrees of light and dark.  It's absolutely amazing the result you can achieve by using this simple tool.  I have decided to go back to the basics , sharpen up my pencils, grab my favourite blending stumps and eraser ( for highlights  not mistakes.... ) and open up a fresh page in my sketch book.  Who's with me ?

New Addition xo

              Francesca Piccolina Notte Schmidt                   
Frankie kisses  xox
A big surprise for me from my hubby Mark.... omg was I surprised!!  Thank you Mark xox
Awww  Storm looks gigantic next to my little girl xo  
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