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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Me And My Bro

If I could go back in time only once it would be to the early days of my childhood in Nova Scotia when I was carefree, stress free, played outside from earlier morning till dark and my best friend was in the next bedroom over. My brother Chris just turned 40 yesterday and it's so hard to believe we are grown ups with our own mortgages, families and jobs to worry about when it seems like only yesterday we were fighting over his "dinky" cars and plotting our next adventures on our bikes! Chris and I are very close in age only 13 months apart (poor mom) and so we were each others playmate for many years whether it was climbing trees, swimming in the brook that ran out behind our trailer, claiming clubhouses...mine was the barn while Chris proudly put dibs on the old outhouse. Not a problem little bro it is all yours! I would take advantage of the fact that I was older of course and had first choice but he was very proud of his little stinky piece of real estate and nailed signs all over it "Boys only" " Girls not allowed" Oh how funny and precious these moments seem to me now and how I wish we were those two dirty faced little kids again.
But alas! We had to grow up and grow up we did becoming awkward teens together, getting married , buying homes, having children, losing jobs..... It really doesn't leave much time to play!
I've been a very lucky sister to have a brother like Chris and I'm very proud of the fine young man he's become. I guess having an outhouse for your first home can teach you a few things about life ! Love you Chris and Happy 40th !
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