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Friday, October 29, 2010

Heart The Art Prompts Week 34 "Dream"

It's all about Dreams for week 34 and I do a lot of dreaming.... This is what I came up with and like i've said before, when it comes to my art journal I'm very spontaneous and whatever is going through my mind at the time is what you .... you lucky viewers ... get to be entertained with! Consider yourself very lucky that this is short and sweet!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Heart The Art Prompts 2010 Week 33 "Wonder "

Week 33 and the prompt is " Wonder " I tried to think of something positive , something happy and 9 times out of 10 I do. However, lately I'm not feeling very positive and I'm ready to throw out my favorite book "The Secret " and give the Universe the middle finger !
Who's with me?? Anyone??
Check it out! Found it in the garbage at work.....perfect drying rack for paintings and storage for those huge sketch books , watercolors , canvases .... I'm so excited!

LOL! Storm and I goofing around in the studio today.....he is back to his old healthy self again!
His favorite spot is on the area rug in front of the warm fire

OH THERE'S MY NEW RACK AGAIN! ( did i mention how much i love it?)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Studio Tour

Some reminders of our warmer sunnier days gone by! (big sigh!)
OMG I buy so many books and magazines that I should be in a 12 step program! Seriously! Next to art supplies and chocolate.......this is a fix I can't seem to shake!!

My newest edition to my art portfolio! I'm considering the name "lollipop jungle" has a juicy sound to it!

more favourite books!

OOh my favourite magazines in the world! Cloth paper scissors, Sommerset....and of course the cps Studio magazine.....which I've been buying faithfully since the first one came out and now can't find it around here!! Subscription for Christmas ...... kids are you reading this???

Here is my scrapbooking area

A quick view from the door.............

I LOVE THIS SHELF! $5 at a yard sale (it was very mistreated!) I gave it some love, pulled out 6579 staples.....seriously who does this???? Gave it several coats of paint, stuffed it with goodies.... It's happy I adopted it :)

Well this a my painting area for watercolour and acrylics....lots of natural light and space to move around....

ahhhhh the bead corner.... it's very hard to pick a favourite part since I love doing all of this! There is also a little corner for Penelope and Storm to lay down in front of the fire while I paint, glue, cut, dance.... They love my little happy place just as much as I do! I have other studio pics on Flickr and on my blog. Check them out for goodness sakes!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

That Time Again!!

Arrrgghhhh!! I despise it, put it off as long as possible, pretend it will turn around, tell myself "one more week!"... But alas! The time has come for me to begin bringing in all my paints, glues, inks, varnishes, and quite possibly all my THOUSANDS of beading supplies.
It's so depressing when I do this because I have to admit to myself that the nice warm weather is over and the cold is only going to get colder. PLUS I have to find room in my house for everything. ( Big huge Sigh!) The only positive thing about this is I definitely get more projects completed because I don't have to wait for my cabin to heat up. But that is the only good thing about it. In my studio there are no distractions, I have inspiration, a beautiful view of the lake, music, and everything has it's place. So excuse me if I seem a little depressed...... I'm mourning the loss of my studio for another season :(

Monday, October 18, 2010


I've been having so much fun playing around with my acrylics ,since being inspired with the fall colours surrounding me lately, and the painting reflects this as well as the theme of Remembrance. Poppies are one of my favourite flowers because of their array of colour and what they represent.
With Remembrance Day just around the corner I thought this painting would be a small tribute to the veterans who fought so hard for all the freedoms we enjoy today. When creating this painting I used lots of acrylic and gel to give this piece tonnes of texture ( Golden products are my favourite!) and brilliant colour. Can't you see all that yummy paint! I do go through a lot of it and the result is always worth it don't you think?
Finally it was given a varnish treatment to protect the colours giving it "permission" to be hung outdoors . I love hanging art outdoors on garden walls and will be creating many such paintings in the future. Let me know what you think I would love to hear from you xo

Heart The Art Prompts 2010 Week 32 " Tell Yourself Something!"

I'm getting there! WOO-HOO! Week 32.... all about telling yourself something, which is easy for me because I am always talking to myself lol! I tell myself all kinds of things and I try to make them positive.... sometimes it is SOOOOO difficult but I really do try :) What kind of things do you tell yourself?? Pay attention next time you discover you are talking to yourself, you may be surprised at the things you are saying. Be kind to yourself , you deserve it <3

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Awesome Blog!

While browsing some of my favourite blogs this a.m I came across this little nugget of joy! "Love My Art Jewelry" It is wonderfully packed with gorgeous creations made with the coolest handmade beads! Looking through this delightful blog has definitely inspired me and the giveaway this week is pretty cool too! Check out the gorgeous pair of earrings donated by Mary aren't they funky? If you want a chance to win them leave a comment on your blog about the giveaway and post a comment at

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Heart The Art Prompts 2010 Week 31 " CrAzY!"

This prompt was easy to do because I am CrAzY! Some days more than others....but in a good fun way. I love being silly , having fun, laughing and just acting like a kid! It's fun to be young at heart and if that is crazy....then I most certainly am! I'm also crazy for words, fonts, old rusty tidbits, yard sales, books, paints, papers, art stores, book stores, music , my family and friends, and my pets. So many things to be crazy about! What are you crazy about?

Monday, October 4, 2010

Heart The Art Prompts 2010 Week 30 "Rushing"

I am sooo behind!! YIKES! How hard is it for me to do just one entry a week? Apparently pretty difficult! This is week #30 and it is all about Rushing....we all can relate to this one. I had to rush like mad to get this completed! I think I'm supposed to be on week 40 by now...big sigh!! I do love creating these pages and really wish I had more time , it really is great therapy.
The water colour was perfect for this one, it depicts exactly what I'd rather be doing instead of rushing around doing things that need doing....but not really enjoyed! It represents me as a child when life was slower, easier... I always say if I could pick an age to go back to, even for a day, it would be six. The age of innocence , laughter and imagination . Yes , six is the age I'd love to do over. What is your favourite age?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Big Announcement!

I'm finally able to announce the opening of my website thanks to my friend and co worker Mike Nerino. Mike and I have been discussing this project for a couple of years and have only recently been able to sit down together to do it! The "bambino Nerino" who is due any day now, has forced us to act !! lol Thanks Mike for creating the website and being so patient with me. I am very grateful to have such a knowledgeable and talented friend.
Please check out my site and give any feedback you feel that could make your shopping experience @ more enjoyable. I will be adding my artwork in the next month or so as it does take more time to create and I will also be accepting custom orders through email. if needed. Thanks for all your continued support and I look forward to create more Pretty Little Messes for you all

Saturday, October 2, 2010

To Busy To Blog.....

I' ve been super busy for the past month with my very ill dog , Storm who almost died from a liver disease. I'm very happy to say that with intense therapy from my vet and his caring staff, and with tonnes of love and prayers from all my friends and family, my baby is recovering well and is alive. My vet Clayton can't believe that he survived because he was at death's door just 2 weeks ago and it looked extremely hopeless. He's a miracle and I love him so much and so grateful he is still here with me to make me smile every day. Anyone who has a pet knows how heartbreaking it is to see them suffer and how heartwarming it is to have them in our lives. All they want is to love you and receive love back. Why can't more people be like that?
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