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Monday, April 7, 2008

Technical Difficulties

Okay, so I haven't written or posted in a few days and I apologize to my frequent visitors. I'm having some internet problems and it will be taken care of this week some time. I check my blog when I'm at work (on my break of course.....) but I can't upload any pictures until I have my computer working. I have been painting in my art journal and of course making my summer jewelry so I'm trying to stay creative and inspired even though the weather is gloomy and depressing. Stay positive, think green and sunny!! Pretty soon the yard sales will be starting up and I can start my quest for more little treasures. I can't wait to head out with my coffee in hand and my 2 favourite side kicks by my side. Val and Barb!!! We have so much fun it's disgusting! Well I guess my break is almost over (wink, wink!) and I have to go! Till I get the kinks worked out I hope everyone stays creative and happy!

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Big Al said...

Bummer to hear about your internet problems. Is it DSL? If so, I can understand. Some of my friends are having issues with rural DSL.

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