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Friday, April 11, 2008

Birthday Collage

Yahoo! I'm up and running again! Finally had someone out to our little part of the world to fix the internet problem. It seems that a BIG pile of snow fell from the roof and knocked the dish a bit off course. I was'nt too upset about the down time, the kids actually went outside and I had a conversation with my hubby!! Amazing. Any whooo, here is one project I recently finished and when I get some batteries for my camera I will add the others! Hope you like this one I had alot of fun with it!
This piece of artwork is a collage on stretched canvas and was a custom order for a special girl for her 14th birthday. I love making personal keepsakes for people it is something that they can treasure forever and it is something you won't find in a store. Stephanie is a family friend and has gone to school with Michaela since they were 4 so I know everything about her and asked her parents for photos that show her personality well. Turns out Steph loved it and is proudly displaying it in her newly painted, funky bedroom!!


Big Al said...

That's beautiful work Lisa. And Neo as a pup. Too cute. :~)

Lisa ( nickname "L" ) said...

Thanks again Al, I'm so happy you keep checking in!

Margot said...

I am checking too!!! The collage turned out great! Thanks for Lisa to create such personal, beautiful gifts! My mother will be a challenge! Sprechen Sie Deutsch???

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