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Friday, April 11, 2008

Feeling Blue

I obviously wasn't in my"happy place" when I created this page! BUT..It was therapeutic and therefore necessary. I can't be smiley Lisa all the time now people! I'm happy to say that as quickly as I fell, I am now on top again and feeling better. "Think Positive !" This little expression gets me through all kinds of rough patches because there is always something to be grateful for when I really think about it. I guess the reason I often paint the thinkgs others find ordinary or ugly (dandylions, frost bitten ivy...) is I can see the beauty in it when I look hard enough. That is how I see my life, sometimes it can get ugly, stressful and depressing but there is also so much beauty and love that I have been blessed with. I just have to stop and remind myself every once and awhile!

1 comment:

Big Al said...

I can relate to that post Lisa. :~)

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