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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Brendan Turns 20 April 19 2008!!

I cannot believe that my son is 20! Was'nt I just 20 ?? Brendan is a great kid, I mean MAN (OMG!) and we are very proud of him. Today he is going with his Dad to check out a car that he is in love with and of course if you know Brendan, it will be a vehicle that needs to be worked on and brought back to life. Ever since Brendan could talk it was about cars, bikes, snowmachines, parts, motors, rims, etc. There is no way I should know what a Mikuni carb is yet I do! It just seems like yesterday I was holding his little hand and going for walks with him. These walks often yielded old rusty nuts and bolts (not my idea of a nature walk!) but that is what he loved to collect. Brendan and I would scour garage sales together and bring home treasures only a kid like him would appreciate and still does. Now as he enters this stage in his life I wish him every happiness and lots of love. Of all the treasures we discovered over the years together, I hope he realizes he is definately my most prized and loved. Happy Birthday Brendan!

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Big Al said...

Happy Birthday Brendan. Big 2ohh.

Cheers. :~)

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