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Friday, April 11, 2008

The Interview

Okay, so there I am turning the pages of a "Vanity Fair" magazine ...( it had a picture of Johnny Depp on the cover..) and I come to this interview. I read it over and thought to myself, "How would I answer these questions if I was being interviewed?" So, I interviewed myself!

I cut out the same questions from the printed interview and randomly pasted them onto a quick sketch that I did in my art journal and proceeded to answer them as truthfully as I could. The result was'nt all that surprising as I feel I know myself pretty well, but I did learn that I'm not too sure about how I define "honesty". This is a word that I use quite frequently to describe a trait that I look for in others but then when asked what virtue I feel is over-rated I say "honesty" This kinda confused me and left me wondering what I mean when I say I want a friend and husband who is honest. Do I really?? I always thought the answer was yes and now I'm not so sure. Damn Interview, now I'm all confused! I do know however that if I feel like Ka-Ka, I'm crabby and I can't fit into my fat clothes all I want to hear from my friends and hubby is how wonderful I look and asked if I'd recently been working out at the gym! Alas! Sometimes there just is'nt anything wrong with a good old fashioned little white lie!

1 comment:

Big Al said...

Hahahaha....very original Lisa. :~)

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