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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sun...Is That You???

Holy sunshine batman!!

So happy to see the sun today and enjoy the outdoors without winter gear! This May and June has not been warm or sunny one bit and makes for some long days. Long uninspiring days....
The studio wood pile is depleted and I REFUSE to light another fire in June so I'll have to work quickly and dress warm. Isn't that crazy?
Despite the depressing sky I did create a couple of jewelry pieces this week and had alot of fun designing them. One piece ((the long multi-coloured chain link)) will be on it's way to Vancouver at the end of the month as a birthday gift. This will be the second piece to have travelled to B.C and I'm very happy about it. I know it's only 2 pieces but it is still exciting. One piece has even made it to Tanzania!! Hope I spelt that right.... we didn't learn that word in grade 3 yet!

I plan to play quite a bit this weekend whether it's snowing , sleeting or raining! I will post more pictures as they become available.

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