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Friday, June 12, 2009

lacy and her bear

lacy and her bear
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You know...sometimes all you need is a hug and a cuddle! It's been a rough week at work with anxious hyper 3 graders and ((god bless them..)) supply teachers. You can definately tell it's the end of the school year and all the kids have had enough. I love my job as an Educational Assistant but WOW I had a tough week. Probably why I'm so tired...
This weekend I am hoping to do some gardening and some creating in the studio. LOTS of orders to fill for the "locals" lol but Etsy is still not selling . Takes time I guess and I am still learning the ropes! Well I guess I better get ready to face another day with those excited 8 year olds! Hopefully it's an art day!

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