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Monday, June 1, 2009

Had some orders to fill this weekend for a couple of customers. One just loved the chunky charm necklace I had made a couple of weeks ago which is very original and one of a kind. I love making things that I haven't seen before and try to stay original and true to what I love. It's hard to set yourself apart from other people but I keep on trying to stand out.
Another piece I made which is very meaningful is "The Colours of Cancer" bracelet for a co-worker who lost her father last year to cancer. This bracelet boasts all the 13 colours of various forms of cancer and I am going to donate a portion of sales to the cancer society. This customer wanted one made for herself and one for her sister which she will send on Father's Day. It's so wonderful to have a piece of my jewelry touch anothers life and be so personal.
The above art piece is another little banner idea for my future web-site. I am super excited about this and cannot wait to show all of you! Thanks for all your support over the years!


Michelle Brunner said...

These are some great pieces! I love them:)

-To answer your question, the best way to get followers is to post your blog to the etsy forums. I find this helps a lot! Good luck! Your blog is adorable:)

Jo said...

I agree with Michelle. I've noticed that many of the crafty bloggers with hundreds of followers also have an ETSY site! P.S. Love your banner and your blog:)

Lisa ( nickname "L" ) said...

Thanks to you both :)

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