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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Our 19th

Another year has gone by and still we stand together. It hasn't always been easy but we made it! It's great how everything works out when you work together and realize what is important and work hard to keep it. Over dinner we shared some good laughs and looked back over the past 21 years together and just cannot imagine our lives without each other, our children and all that we have accomplished as a couple. It was a wonderful evening thanks to our very good friends, Brad (our best man) and Margot (my best girl!) who treated us to a fantastic dinner at the Lodge. It was a great evening and such a thoughtful gift! Even the rain stopped for us this night, which I am very grateful for. Cheers!


Big Al said...

Happy belated anniversary you 2.

Cheers. :~)

Margot said...

nice post!! Glad you had a good time!!!

Your best girl :)

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