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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Art Journal Page - Survive

Art Journal Page - Survive
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Just when things were going good...Another Lay-Off for my husband. Hard times but we are thinking positive and thankful for what we do have....I'm still wanting to scream though! We've been through this so many times that part of me doesn't get stressed about it, but the other part of me is furious and wants to know "WHY US????? " Maybe it's a test??
I did have my little cry out on the deck and said a little prayer....wait ... no I BEGGED for some help and for a job for Mark so we 'd be okay, and while I was freaking out at the universe my husband was on the phone rounding up a job. I swear I no longer finished saying, "Please help us get through this..." when Mark opened the door and said quite proudly, " I have a job and I can start Monday!" I was soooo grateful!
The one thing we've learned from our hardships together is that we'll be okay as long as we keep trying and never give up. Life is not easy these days with the cost of living going up and job losses going up. I just hope this is the last time we have to go through this. I don't wish this on anybody!

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