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Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Lisa,Instant gratification is one of the temptations to which you are subject now. Your creative passion and ambition is beginning to soar. Recent accomplishments have provided you with the enthusiasm you need to succeed. Take on more than you think you can handle.

Sometimes my horoscope is eerily accurate!! Right now I am definately biting off more than I can to speak. My very good friend, Margot is going home to Germany to visit her family and celebrate her mother's 70th birthday SO she asked my to do a Family Album for her and it needs to be finished in ....oh...10 days or so!!! I've been scrapbooking my little fingers to the bone the past 2 days, thank goodness it is rainy and crappy out so the garden and lake aren't calling out to me! I'll post some pics soon . Also I am doing some necklaces for a Bridal Party for Aug. 02 which I am super excited about because it's great advertising! Also Margot wants me to come up with some wares for her web-site so I need to get my head wrapped around that and come up with some ideas for her. GO BIG!!

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