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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Heart The Art Prompts 2010 Week 25 "Beauty "

Week 25's prompt is Beauty. So many ideas for this one since the world is full of beautiful people and things . I could have expressed how I feel about the beauty of nature , places I want to travel to, beauty found in art or a piece of music... that would be predictable .
I decided that maybe my slight addiction to fashion and beauty magazines would suffice . I love to play with makeup ,paint my nails and get funky hair colors as much as the next girl ,but sometimes all that advice is confusing and overwhelming .
We are bombarded with ideas of what the perfect body image should be, who's style we should be copying , the latest mascaras promising colossal lashes, liposuction , wrinkle creams , fake tans, bleached teeth , waxing , pedicures , manicures, plastic surgery ...... Whew! It's exhausting work! I'm so glad that a beautiful personality and a pretty smile still counts for something ..especially when I run out of concealer!
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