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Monday, August 23, 2010

Heart The Art Prompt 2010 Week #26 "Summer "

Although I'm a big fan of autumn , I'm just not ready to say goodbye to summer. It has gone by very quickly this year and I am disappointed at how much I failed to do! Of course my flowers are the hardest things to tuck away for winter, I would dig them all up and bring them inside if I could!
The weather was incredible this year and I spent as much time as I could down at the lake swimming, visiting with friends and family , watching the loons while the sun set,and laughing at my dog as he waded back and forth for hours chasing minnows. Why would I want this to end?
This year the end of summer brings the beginning of an exciting journey for my son Cameron. He will be leaving the nest to begin university , and although it's only 4 hours away he will not be here for me to see everyday or to talk to and it will be difficult to see him go.
So you see, I have a few very good reasons why I !don't want summer to end

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