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Friday, July 17, 2009

Homemade Clay And Paper Beads

The weather has been frightful so I put down the gardening gloves and went to the studio. I made a few cool summer chokers that are casual and cute and go with everything. You can wear them alone or with another. I always seem to wear 2 of them together . I've dabbled in homemade clay beads which I love and have also tried making paper beads out of discarded newspaper etc. These are fun and since I've always loved working with words these pieces are one of my favs! I'm going to try to do some paper beads with comic strips and maybe some of my own artwork. Gotta try new things!


Jo said...

love the paper and clay:) I tried my hand at the rolled paper beads but mine went straight into the garbage, they didn't turn out as cool as yours!

Big Al said...

New things and you work hand in hand. Cheers. :~)

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