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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Art Journal - Colours of Nature

Working in my art journal is such a great way for me to relax and be creative without worrying about the outcome. It's a great way for me to work out any creative blocks and do some soul searching all at once. It really is my therapy. Sometimes even I am surprised at what the final outcome is as I have no plan when I begin . I just go in with the idea that I need to create something to keep the artistic juices flowing and I find something that is inspiring me at that precise moment (something on my desk, a phone call, my family, nature ....) and I let it just happen. Today I took my coffee outside and sat in the sun and looked around at all the beautiful surroundings. The lake, the wildlife, the sun in the trees.... and especially the beautiful birds that come to call. I looked down on the grass and I saw this beautiful piece of birch bark and just like that an idea was born. This is what inspired me today ,nature and it's gorgeous palette. I wonder what will inspire me tomorrow?

1 comment:

Big Al said...

Stunning work Lisa. Cheers. :~)

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