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Sunday, December 28, 2008

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The Christmas season is really my favourite time of year. People seem more giving and to a certain degree...happier. I'm one of the few that try hard not to stress about it. It comes around every year and with some planning and saving it can be accomplished without stress and breaking the bank. Christmas is not about feeling stressed and it saddens me that it is such a burden to some. Since my husband and I have always had to budget, due to lay offs and other bad luck,
my kids have been used to having a little less than their friends but really appreciate the things they do receive. I also think that because we've had to struggle, it really taught them some valuable lessons about life. There is absolutely no doubt that times are getting tough and life is very expensive, it is downright scary some moments, but by putting things into perspective and being thankful for what we have and not what we wish we had really helps. I am so thankful for my healthy children and my husband and it gets me through the hard times. I hope everyone out there has had a wonderful, stress free Christmas and enjoys the company of their friends and family as much as I do. Those are the gifts that I most look forward to every year.

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Big Al said...

Awesome post Lisa. True words spoken. :~)

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