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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


This Thanksgiving was definately a time for me to reflect and realize the importance of my family. My son Cameron (17) , who is our official dog-walker, went out for a walk with our two dogs after dinner. After sometime he returned upset because our German Shepherd, Akeela, was seperated from him and our Black Lab, Storm. This was on Tuesday night October 7th. We live in an area that is surrounded by bush and lakes and it has bike trails and side roads as well. At night it becomes impossible to see anything so we thought that she would find her way home on her own. By the third night however, Cam decided that he would go for a walk and try to find her one more time and so I thought that would be okay since it was only 5:30p.m. It was cool and raining out and he left the house with only a light jacket. I started to get worried when at 7:30pm there was still no sign of Cam. I went out side and standing by the door was my lab Storm , lease still attached to him and no Cameron. My heart started to race and I jumped into the Tracker and started the search down every dirt road and driveway I could find. Every scenerio went through my mind. "What if he tripped and fell bumping his head as he went down?" "What if he's lost and a bear or pack of wolves find him!" I was a MESS!

I quickly phoned my daughter at home and she said he just called from a friend of ours......ACROSS THE LAKE!!! I raced home and waited for our friends to drive him home . Was I glad to see him! He was freezing cold, soaking wet, and clearly shaken. He had gotten turned around in the bush and could'nt find his way out! At one point he said he just laid down and thought that he'd have to spend the night. He also did'nt want to wander to far incase he got into a worse situation. He was pretty scared but then decided to try one more time. He finally found a dirt road and followed it until he found another road that he recognized. He followed that until he found our friends house . God heard my prayers!!


Today ,to make things even better,when I returned home from work who do you think was in our driveway waiting for us??? AKEELA!! She is very thin and weak and cannot eat so I pray she will survive. She is such a sweet dog and has suffered so much in her life. 2 surgeries, almost drowned, severe allergies, and lost in the bush..... She's amazing a survivor just like Cam!

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