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Friday, October 31, 2008


What fun I had today with the grade 3's today! Everyone was dressed up so fun and SCARY!! The weather turned around and it is BOO-U-TIFUL for all those ghosts goblins and us witches! I love dressing up and having a bit of fun, my children were slightly embarassed of me this morning while I drove them to school. I dressed up like a witch....a good witch..... and treated myself to a Tim's coffee. "MOM YOUR NOT GOING LIKE THAT!"
So funny those kids of mine, they need to lighten up and be silly once and awhile. So I went into the clothing store with Cam and helped him find a new winter coat....dressed like a witch...What's the big deal??? Jeeesh! So I stopped at the High School and greeted Michaela and her friends...dressed like a witch.....her friends thought I was "The Bomb..." I think that's a compliment! And Brendan...well I drove him to work this morning and it was his friends that gave me my extra large, 2 cream, 1 sugar at the drive thru window. They laughed and he cringed. But it's over now and I'm finished playing dress-up for today, I know one day they will look back and remember their goofy mom and maybe then they will have a good laugh about it like I did! Happy Haunting!

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