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Saturday, September 27, 2008


830 017
Originally uploaded by Tiffany Allen

Okay, I am so getting one of these little puppies one day! Look at that adorable smooshed in face! How can anyone think that these dogs are any thing but adorable!!
I'm driving everyone in my family bonkers everytime I see one of these pups, "Yes Mom we love PUGS!" Good, I'm glad they got the hint because one day I'm sure there will be one of these cuties under my Christmas tree!


Big Al said...

Our Mia has features like that little pug. Here's a photo I'm posting tomorrow. Pug's are just too cute aren't they?

Cheers. :~)

Tiffany said...

Hey, I'm the Tiffany that took the picture, I'm glad you think she's cute. She's my brother's dog and she's very full of life, pugs are fun. Especially when they come visit you and wear your own dogs out, let you take cute pictures, and then go home! But I'm sure they are fun to own too. Hope you get one someday!

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