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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Art Journal- Reflection pg. 1

Art Journal- Reflection pg. 1
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I am a very bad blogger... I know and I am really REALLY trying to set some time aside for my art but I'm so busy and it really sucks!
This entry in my art journal is a reflection that I do pretty much every fall! I love this time of year and it is often that during this season I am at my most creative my mind. Sometimes when I am at this "creative peak" I start to crave new things as well. Things that inspire me, make my mind work, and or just a little unexpected surprise!
Also, I was just thinking of how some of us need to work a little extra to make sure we are putting the best of ourselves out in the universe, a little smile, picking up some litter, not judging others, good all goes a long way and can really make someones day !!
Anyway that is the whole idea in this entry and I hope you all enjoy it and find all that you crave this season!!

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