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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Very Pinteresting.....

  Okay , so by now I am sure that everyone is quite aware of the new web sensation and if you are not... you are either going to thank me or hate me. 
  I have been introduced to this highly addictive site by co workers who can't stop raving about the delicious triple chocolate , smooth peanut butter, crunchy pretzel, dripping caramel, loaded with nutty goodness cupcakes! Or the fashion and decorating advice with tutorials that make you break out the Visa and hit your favourite furniture or clothing stores.  And let's not forget about the creative aspect!  Millions of photos of everything from Garden and Home design, Tattoos, Art, Music, Books, Movies, Posters, Prints, Travel, Humour, Do - It - Yourself .... everything!   I am a self diagnosed magazine and book addict and this site is heaven to me.  I can spend hours on here pouring over beautiful photographs and reading all the helpful advice.  HOURS!  There is literally anything and everything on here that you are looking for and even things you have never thought of but now it's all you are thinking about!

   That is the "interesting" part of this site..the "pin" part is where you can create your very own Board, label it according to your interest and pin images that you love to your board!!!  It's like clipping out photos from magazines and sharing them with others..... millions of others.  The images are shared from other blogs, magazines and sites and they seem to be a free for all, no permission needed.  I say this because as I was scrolling through various art boards I  stumbled upon a photo of myself holding my painting !  I know there are copyright issues going on with Pinterest but I don't know enough about it to comment on it.  I can definitely see how this could be upsetting to some artists or publishers who are not getting credit for their work.  The person who pinned up my photo is  not someone I know , I was not asked, however it was because she liked the photo and wanted to share it not because she was going to re create my art and take credit for it.... so it's all good!

  If you ask me... I say go check out the site, you won't regret it ,the photos are endless and so is the inspiration, which is why you can lose yourself and dare I say... lose hours of your life.   Oh well.... it could always be worse!  Here are some of my Boards that I have put together and share with other Pinterest Addicts xo

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