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Sunday, February 12, 2012

I Lost My Mojo.... Oh there it is!

This is the abstract painting I was working on .... and working  on....  I still don't know what it is or what it means but I enjoyed the process and it felt good . The painting began with an underpainting of greens yellows and soft blues and then I added layers of dripping paint letting it go where the water wanted to take it. After it sat for weeks... and after I stared at it for another few weeks... I decided to just go for it and paint with feeling rather than plan .  Everytime my brush touched the canvas ( which is also warped by the way...)  I had no preconceived idea what was going to transpire!   I don't even know if it is finished!  Oh well for now I am calling it finished and gave it the title "Dreamscape"   because I have these bizarre dreams with strange landscapes and buildings and while painting this it started to look like a strange world with distorted trees, water and sky.  What do you see it it?

This painting was another one I started about 6 months ago or so, in the same way.  I began with an underpainting of soft red washes and slowly built it up with blues, oranges and greens.  I let the paint travel across the canvas , stopping where it would and then came back to it days later with a fresh pair of eyes.  Some of the negative spaces looked like words and symbols and I pulled these out with the paint and just continued to play with it until I was satisfied with it.  It was meant to be a fun spirited piece with a positive message.  Therapy??  You bet!
Having creative blocks is one of the most frustrating things that can happen to an artist.  I have been struggling  trying to find inspiration and find my mojo....I struggle with trying to be original , making a statement and remaining true to myself.  I work through these little crisis by just simply walking away from my paints or beads and pick up a book or go for a walk.  I drink a million cups of coffee and eat way too much chocolate, listen to my favourite songs, pluck my eyebrows, play with the dogs.... and when that doesn't work... red wine.  It is really a horrible feeling when I have this primal urge to paint and I go in my studio surround myself with all my delicious art supplies and then I sit... and stare at the canvas ... waiting.   I know it will come I know I have to be patient but it is oh so frustrating!!   Maybe that's why I put on the Viking hat... maybe I thought it would help?

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