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Saturday, April 23, 2011

This *#@! Really Works!

  So way back in 2010 my bestie Margot encouraged me to do a vision board.   Now for those of you that do not know what a vision board is, it is a collection of photos, magazine clippings, quotes, words.... well just about any visual reminder that has everything to do with you.
  My vision board was designed so that I focused on 9 main areas of my life I felt needed some attention .  The 9 areas are as follows:

Wealth and Prosperity

Fame and Reputation

Relationships To Attract or Strengthen

Health and Family

Center of Being
Creativity Playful Inner Child
Knowledge and Self Cultivation
Creative Goals and Aspirations

Helpful People / Travel
So now with all that being said, last January I received an e-mail from the editor of 
Cloth Paper Scissors STUDIOS
Catherine Prato , asking me if I would submit some photos of my studio for their spring summer publication!!!  Of course I said I would, but then was immediately stressed out because we had soooo much snow and cold weather and these were supposed to be spring/summer shots!  Well I asked  my good friend Al Woodworth  if he's please help with photographing the studio and so one snowy cold day he came out and took some photos for me.  I am very excited about this , as this magazine is one of my faves, but at the same time wishing the timing was better.  I had so many plans to fix up the studio and I knew I could've made it look so much better.  Oh well, maybe they will have a redecorating, then and now issue in the future!  Get your camera ready Al !  I'm so glad I put that photo of 
Cloth Paper Scissors STUDIOS    
on my vision board!!



Larry Lewis said...

i personally have found a vision board to be one of my most important tools in driving my life in the direction i wish to go. It has helped me focus intently on my goals. Your vision board designs are absolutely fantastic!

Lisa ( nickname "L" ) said...

Hey Larry that's awesome! It's amazing how they help you focus on what you want to achieve! Thanks for your comment!

FherYmas said...

Great...all thumbs up !!! Lisa I've been creating almost similar journal. I call it visual manuscript. This is inspiring...keep it up.

Lisa ( nickname "L" ) said...

Thanks so much Fher Ymas, it's great therapy!

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