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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Counting Sheep.... not working for me!

a happy pug (james brown)
Originally uploaded by summer pickles

Another sleepless night . Don't ya hate it when you can't sleep?? My problem is I start to think about things, that are completely out of my control , try to figure out ways to solve these conundrums and then when I can't it sends me into panic mode .... Big Sigh! I swear I worry about things that could happen next year! REALLY LISA?? I know it makes no sense, I know it's silly , but I cannot reason with my brain at a time it should be shut down and resting. I wish I could be like James Brown the happy , i'm tired and going to go to sleep with no worries, flipp'n adorable little pug. Maybe my next life.


Diane said...

OH My goodness is all I can say (about James Brown)--so sorry to hear about your insomnia--after I went through menopause--a good night's sleep was a thing of the past--I used to it now :)
P.S. We have a turtle, and that's all he does is SLEEP!!

Lisa ( nickname "L" ) said...

He's cute isn't he? lol It's really suckie when you can't sleep ! Maybe tonight?

JIM said...

I have had the problem for years. It is a pain but I think it is the creativity trying to burst out. At least what I tell mtself at 4AM lol

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