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Monday, December 20, 2010

"Yes Lisa, There Is A Santa Clause.... and he lives in Toronto!"

I can't even put into words how touched Mark and I were today to receive a parcel in the mail from our friends in Toronto Blaine, Julie and their daughter Olivia. What a beautiful feeling to know that someone out there cares about us and wanted to make our holiday a little brighter. Friends like you are a treasure and even if we did not receive this lovely package today, just knowing you are thinking of us and will call every Sunday to talk and catch up , means the world to us. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts, you really do make our lives brighter. xox

First thing I picked up out the the parcel was this Vanity Fair Magazine with Johnny Depp on the oh how they know me!! Next was this Moleskine art journal!!!!!! O>>>M>>>G! So excited to receive this! I've been wanting one of these for so long and it is so great that it came to me as a gift from my favourite people. I promised Blaine that I will sketch while down at the lake and only positive, inspirational art will fill it's pages. xo
Finally ( the presents don't seem to end!) a beautiful journal for me to write down my thoughts in . Check it out here, I have the 2nd one from the top!! So stunning and it's pages are whispering to me right now! Only positive, wonderful, dreams come true words will grace it's pages. What a wonderful book to write my New Year's goals in .

A card I will treasure always! Handmade by a special ,very talented, super smart and soooo cute, little girl Olivia. Thanks sweetie we LOVE it! xox

Seriously??? How flipp'n awesome is this pendant? Olivia picked it out just for me ( her Daddy told me so ) Oh yes this "puppy" is mine it is my new favourite piece :) I will be thinking of you , Livy every time I wear it.
How much fun will I have creating beautiful pieces with these lovely beads ! They are gorgeous and I don't have anything like these in my collection . Can't wait to play !
Although I've posted only my goodies, my rock star hubby is very excited about his gift too! He got a Wylde Overdrive pedal for his guitar and some guitar strings.... these boys love the guitars and I love listening to them compare "notes" and argue about amps/muscians etc.. They crack me up! BOYS! Wouldn't want it any other way . :)

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