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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Guitar Hero..... Necklace?

My hubby Mark is a guitar player extraordinaire and plays in a classic rock band here in town. When he asked me to come up with something he could wear around his neck that was cool and not to showy the first thing I came up with was this little number using one of his guitar pics and some tribal beads on a black cord ---he loved it . Now his little groupies ( yes he has them!) will have something else to drool over!! lol! Anyway.... I made this back in March before we left for our trip to Toronto and decided to bring one to our friend and fellow guitar player Blaine, as a token of friendship and thank you for his hospitality . He seemed delighted to receive it and I hope he wears it for all his groupies too! I love playing around with different ideas and this was super fun to do. Wonder what I'll come up with next?

1 comment:

Daria Hlazatova said...

i really love this idea!cool!

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