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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pretty And Funky...

love. love. love. love.
romantic and pretty
Michaela's necklace with Swarofski crystal heart
pretty and petite with irredescent crystal
Real peacock feathers add glam to this pretty number
Close up of irredescent crystal
This is the necklace that Michaela will be wearing to accent her prom dress.
glass pendant touch of colour in the beads, pure fun
I love this one. The crystal is from an antique chandelier
so romantic......
With the recent announcement from my lovely, and often forgetful daughter, that she is going to her boyfriends graduation in 3 weeks..... I decided I better start creating some jewelry for other last minute grad dates. We found the most beautiful flattering dress ( and shoes) for Michaela at a new little boutique in town Suzannes Boutique all within 30 mins of finding out she was going! Power shopping at it's best! Anyhoo....I then realized she needed a pretty little necklace to go with it and thus all of these pretties came from it. Sometimes a stressful situation can turn into a good thing! I just hope she gives me more notice next time !!

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