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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Heart The Arts Prompt Week # 13- "Need"

Well when I saw the word for this week's prompt I immediately thought, "I NEED MONEY!!" because "I NEED A NEW CAR!" Yes the joys of owning materials things..... However when I really thought about this entry I wanted to remain positive not greedy or concerned over what others thought of my little ole beater ( even though pieces of it are literally falling off whenever I go to work....the other day it was the driver's side mirror!!) My poor kids! Not embarassed at all! So I keep telling myself that I already am wealthy and I can have anything I want, money is absolutely no object! So that leaves the things that money cannot buy which is friendship, family, and of course love. I love the Beatles and their song, "All You Need Is Love" is a favourite of mine and therefore is a major part of this entry. As with all my journal pieces , the pages are spontaneous and I just go for whatever is tugging at my brain in that moment. The paint trickling down the page reminded me of rain drops which then reminded me of shelter in the form of an umbrella to keep all those little cuties warm and dry.....LOVE. That is all we need. :)

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