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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

" Sisters"

As a girl with 2 brothers ( whom I love very much...) I can appreciate and often wonder how the closeness strong bond between sisters must be like. When a good friend of mine asked me to create a special something for her sister, I knew just what to do. First thing was to gather the old black and white photos of the two of them....and aren't they gorgeous! I think the photos speak volumes of their relationship even at this tender age, and so my work was very easy. The collage piece is double sided so it may hang in a window, doorway or any other little space that needs some colour and sparkle. These pieces of art have been one of my favourites to create as it is a very personal tribute and something that can be passed down for generations. In the new year I will be adding gifts like this to my Etsy shop and my web-site ( under construction! ) To all that have supported my little business this holiday season, I am extremely grateful and proud to have given a little piece of my art to you all .
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