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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

That's Right...I'm 40 and It's Wonderful!!

Well today is the day. I've reached another milestone, joined a new club, climbed over that hill and did it all with a big smile on my face! I had a wonderful day and I know I'll have many more because I have such a great family and group of friends to share them with.

Part of me cannot believe that I am another decade older. (wow! Did I actually type that out loud??? ) I feel more alive creatively, spiritually and emotionally then I did when I was 25 and was chasing after 3 young children and trying to balance my cheque book!

Life is all about choices and about finding where you belong in this big crazy, beautiful world. I'm choosing to embrace my new age with a great attitude and positive thinking. I now find I have the time, which I desperately craved in my 20's and 30's, to find out who I am as an artist. A woman. A wife. A mother.

So cheers to me for reaching this point in my life where I can finally put myself first and start the adventure of finding myself again.

1 comment:

Big Al said...

Kuddos Lisa. Cheers. :~)

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