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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Michaela's Braces

My little girl got her braces put on in Winnipeg this month and so it was a good excuse for a road trip with Marnie! We had so many laughs and some serious shopping sprees! Good thing we brought the van! Another awesome moment was when Marnie saw a little Pug in the pet shop at the mall. I swear I'm going to have one of these little guys one day! I cannot wait for another road trip with Marnie, what a hoot!


Big Al said...

I remember when Megan got her braces.
She was very excited, as Michaela appears to be. Way to go.
Dr. Campbell provides an excellent service with regular on-site visits in Dryden. Can't beat that, eh? More and more kids are getting braces. Wonderful to see.

btw, very cute little pug. :~)


Shan said...

Hey Lisa!
Just wanted to add a comment so people know you have friends. : )

Woody said...

I'm your friend Lisa and I don't leave comments...


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