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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Michaela's Grade 8 Graduation

Okay, so I'm having a difficult time thinking that my baby is going to High School in September! She's too little!! She is my last baby entering Dryden High and it seems like not too long ago I was bringing her to her kindergarten class. Wow, it is going by way too fast.

Her graduation at St. Josephs school was very nice and the kids had a blast at the dance. I was in charge of the decorations this year and decided that no one has done an "Arabian Nights" theme and so that is just what we did! The pictures turned out great and I was happy with the end result. The dance was 3 hours long and so the decorating was simple and to the point . I think it went over well. Next year I have Cameron graduating high I go again!


Big Al said...

Kid's grow up so fast. Wow.
I hope that doesn't mean we as parents, are aging too fast. :~(

Lisa ( nickname "L" ) said...

We are still young Al!!!! It's just a number baby!

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