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Wednesday, May 7, 2008


BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!!! All work no play, makes Lisa very grumpy! I've been working alot and running with kids so my art has been put aside for a few days, which I am not happy about, BUT that is life right now! I did however, go on a yard sale excursion with my 2 favourite sidekicks Barb and Val and a stuffed giraffe named Grace! A teacher at our school asked that we take her and get some photos to share with her class...what a hoot! Anyway it was FREEZING COLD, but we managed to find a few bargains. My favourite find was a box filled with old glass Christmas Ornaments, which Val dropped.....she said it was by accident but I think she was jealous! Lucky for her only a couple broke WHEW! It was a great morning full of laughter and shivering! Next weekend we are going again, but if I find anything fragile....I'll carry it myself!

1 comment:

Big Al said... Grace your garage saling mascot? :~)

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